Saturday, November 26, 2022

Cavs fan wondering how to get burn marks out of his old LeBron jersey

"If you look at it, only about 25 percent is destroyed," said Sal Wellmuler of Shaker Heights. "About half of the rest of it is covered in soot and char marks. There's got to be a way to get that stuff out of it, right?"

Johnny Manziel signs lucrative sponsorship deal with Beta Theta Pi Fraternity House

Sure, Peyton has Sirius XM and Papa John's. Brady has Under Armour. Even Jadaveon Clowney just signed a deal with Puma. But none of them have an exclusive multi-year deal with the frat house that brought you last year’s sickest party, the Kegasaurus Ice Luge Bro-Down Foam Body Shot Spring-Fling Vodkaritaville Lost Weekend.

George Will writes biography detailing Andrew Bynum’s one-day Bulls career

Highlights will include Bynum’s trip to the airport, the failed team physical and of course the lengthy dialogue between Bynum and the equipment manager about which bowling alleys near the United Center had the best Chinese food buffet.

0-1 Browns celebrate holding first place this late into a season for first time...

"This is amazing!" said Stan Grokowski, wearing a No. 19 Bernie Kosar jersey while walking along the Browns parade route on Euclid Ave. "Sure, we're winless, but we're still in first place. Do you have any idea how great that feels?"

Bears season-opening win marred by Canadian League rules confusion

Four punts on third down and the special teams coach calling for a rouge nearly cost the Bears a season-opening win in their game against the Bengals.

Distracted Starlin Castro plays inning for Reds

It has been well documented that Starling Castro has a bit of a problem paying attention during games. On more than one occasion, Castro has been caught with his back to the plate while an opposing player hits. But in Wednesday afternoon against the Reds, the young player's inability to pay attention reached new lows.

QB Jason Campbell exiled to Cleveland

“I know I’ve pretty much outlived my usefulness in pro football,” the 31-year-old signal caller said. “But being exiled to a team that’s averaged four wins each year since 1999, no joke, I could last another 5-6 years in this league."