When LeBron James infamously left the Cavaliers on live TV in 2010, fans in Cleveland immediately lashed out at the superstar, with near riots in the streets centered around the many public burnings of his jersey. Now James is back, and one Cleveland fan is trying to figure out how to remove the burn marks from the LeBron jersey he used to wear.

“If you look at it, only about 25 percent is destroyed,” said Sal Wellmuler of Shaker Heights. “About half of the rest of it is covered in soot and char marks. There’s got to be a way to get that stuff out of it, right?”

Wellmuler said he wasn’t sure why he kept the remains of the jersey he virtually destroyed four years ago.

“I guess I just couldn’t let it go,” said Wellmuler. “After all, what was I going to do, rock an Ilgauskas jersey?”