It’s a rite of passage for all first round draft picks. After your name gets called on the big stage, it’s now time to go out and ink some endorsement deals. Coke, Pepsi, Reebok, Nike, Toyota and all the big brands come calling. For the man called Johnny Football, that first sponsorship deal he signed is with Beta Theta Pi, the hardest partying fraternity on campus.

Sure, Peyton has Sirius XM and Papa John’s. Brady has Under Armour. Even Jadaveon Clowney just signed a deal with Puma. But none of them have an exclusive multi-year deal with the frat house that brought you last year’s sickest party, the Kegasaurus Ice Luge Bro-Down Foam Body Shot Spring-Fling Vodkaritaville Lost Weekend.

In addition to his responsibilities as a fraternity spokesman, Johnny Manziel will also assist the pledge secretary on road trips as well as lecture incoming freshman about the dangers of drinking too much alcohol, and then hooking up with Muffin-Top Blob Toads.

With little time to waste, Manziel will be pressed into service this weekend. There is a Speedquarters/Midori-bomb pancake breakfast on Friday morning at 11AM, with 10% of the proceeds going to help the girls of the Delta Tau sorority house so they can get their surgeries done in time for spring break.

Although his time is limited as he heads to training camp, the man now known as Beta-Max Manziel or Johnny Chugalicious™ has promised to fulfill all necessary commitments to his prestigious corporate sponsor.