Blackhawks fans rejoiced late Sunday night when their beloved team did not make them regret turning on the television and instead won game five against the Minnesota Wild, bringing this series to a 3-2 series lead. The Blackhawks had a lackluster first period, testing their fans’ patience, but came back hard in the second and third, resulting in a hard-fought 2-1 win over the Wild.

While all fans celebrated the win, it seems one particular fan left satisfied, knowing that Chicago was safe for one more night.

A certain mayor, famous for his inclination to drop f-bombs and verbally berate those who had failed him, took it upon himself to visit the Hawks in their dressing room between periods last night. It is rumored he brought a PowerPoint with some interesting visuals in order to drive home his more creative “promises,” though it was impossible to confirm as the Blackhawks stuck to their talking points even more than usual.

“It was, uh, definitely motivating,” said captain Jonathan Toews, as he darted glances around the room. “Really explicit. Uh, about how much potential we have. It’s great that Mayor Emanuel is so … invested … in our games. Really great,” he said, weakly trailing off.

Most teammates echoed Toews’ words when interviewed, the sole exception being noted badass Marian Hossa, who had this to say: “That was the best intermission speech we’ve had in a while. I really liked the visuals; they made me feel like I was there. We’re glad to have him back any time!”