There is a buzz like no other going through the literary world. George Will, the man dubbed “perhaps the most powerful journalist in America” by the Wall Street Journal, has just completed a lengthy account of the 24 hours that Andrew Bynum was a Chicago Bull.

The three volume literary masterpiece is expected to go on sale today.

This literary colossus will include anything and everything from the 24 hours that Chi-Town proudly called Bynum one of its own. Highlights will include Bynum’s trip to the airport, the failed team physical and of course the lengthy dialogue between Bynum and the equipment manager about which bowling alleys near the United Center had the best Chinese food buffet.

In one eloquent soliloquy, the great Will writes, “Although Bynum was waived by 5pm today so that the Bulls could get under the luxury tax threshold, he will live on in the hearts and minds of Bulls fans from now until at least the end of the weekend.”

Indeed, it will be hard to not weep when Will reminds fans that no sooner had Bynum been released that the Bulls marketing department had to cancel their collectible Andrew Bynum souvenir refrigerator magnet promotional night.

When asked if he was surprised that Bynum was released after serving only 10% of his 10-Day contract, a shocked and dismayed Will told his audience, “I honestly thought he was Too Big to Fail.”