Wednesday, July 17, 2024

Brennaman apologizes for not slurring homosexuals in private like usual

"I can't begin to stress how very sorry I am for using such a derogatory term during the middle of a broadcast," said Brennaman. "Normally I reserve things like that for private, away from microphones and live TV broadcasts."

Bears season-opening win marred by Canadian League rules confusion

Four punts on third down and the special teams coach calling for a rouge nearly cost the Bears a season-opening win in their game against the Bengals.

Distracted Starlin Castro plays inning for Reds

It has been well documented that Starling Castro has a bit of a problem paying attention during games. On more than one occasion, Castro has been caught with his back to the plate while an opposing player hits. But in Wednesday afternoon against the Reds, the young player's inability to pay attention reached new lows.

Dusty Baker given second chance to end Mark Prior’s career

"I can't believe I'm finally getting a chance to finish the job!" exclaimed Baker. "Dude, forget the minors. [Mark] is going straight to the mound on opening day and then right back to the DL after that. I'm putting him on a strict 200-pitch minimum."

Big East to add Hamburger University, Clown College, and the School of Rock

The question remains whether the Big East realizes that these are not actual institutions of higher learning with athletic programs, but their interest in them should be of no surprise – it’s money.

Dusty Baker praises White Sox decision to move injured Sale into closer role

Dusty Baker is notorious for the controversial way he handles his pitchers and recently weighed in on the White Sox' decision to move starter Chris Sale into the closer role while he deals with a sore elbow.