After slowly embraces fantasy football, the NFL has abruptly removed all links and references to its in-house leagues because insiders say commissioner Roger Goodell was bitterly angry that his make believe team began the season 0-4.

“That’s it. This stuff is total crap,” said Goodell. “I spend way too much of my day playing and then you have a d-bag like [Redskins owner] Dan Snyder who constantly propose terrible trades and talk pure trash on the league’s message board. I have enough stress in life as it is. I’m out.”

While Goodell is blaming stress and other league members for his decision, insiders say he’s actually just frustrated that his team, “The Jolly Rogers” is terrible.

“He made a big mistake when he drafted Peyton Manning in the first round,” said a league owner who asked to remain nameless because he also owns an actual NFL team. “His picks only got worse from there. His best player is the Texans defense. Seriously.”