After watching starting pitcher Rick Porcello and the bullpen struggle in Detroit’s 10-1 ALDS Game 4 loss Tuesday night, skipper Jim Leyland announced Wednesday morning that Cy Young shoe-in Justin Verlander will pitch every remaining inning for his team this postseason.

“Earlier this week I said Justin was done for the series, but that was before we gave up 10 runs Tuesday night,” said Leyland. “He’s all we’ve got right now so we’re going to win or lose this thing by riding on Justin’s arm.”

Leyland said he wasn’t even going to use closer Jose Valverde who’s 50 for 50 in save opportunities this season.

“Valverde’s been shaky this postseason so I can’t trust him. It’s Justin or bust,” said Leyland. “Plus the way Jose celebrates after every out he gets is finally making me sick. No place for that in the playoffs.”