Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Matthew Stafford can’t believe he’s ‘in for three more years of this shit’

Disbelief is the word that can best describe what Matthew Stafford was feeling in the moments after his Lions blew a huge late lead to Mitch Trubisky and the Bears Sunday afternoon.

Wellness Check: Brad and his friend John Burks solve racism

Today's Wellness Check is with John Burks, a friend of Brad's who happens to be black. Brad and John usually wind up talking about race when they spend time together so now that no one can see each other in person, a Wellness Check seemed appropriate. Listen here!

Second-Best Sports Town Update: Philly, Detroit, Denver & Atlanta advance

We’ve reached the Isolated 8 and things are getting intense! Atlanta edged Oakland for the last spot. Now it’s time to see who’s going to make the Furloughed Four!

Tigers trade Miguel Cabrera to Carole Baskin for up-and-coming tiger cub

Miggy is heading back to Florida. After 13 seasons together, Detroit has traded first baseman Miguel Cabrera to Big Cat Rescue in exchange for a cute tiger cub named Rocky. Big Cat Rescue owner, Carole Baskins, took to YouTube to announce the new addition.

MLB cancels replay in meaningless games on account of it being stupid

MLB Commissioner Rob "Right Said" Manfred today announced the league will no longer conduct instant replay reviews in games that have no playoff implications, citing "stupidity."

7 ways Matthew Stafford could protect himself against the Bears

Last week, Matthew Stafford was obliterated by the Minnesota Vikings defense, getting sacked 10 times. This week, he faces a Bears defense that will likely feature a healthy Khalil Mack, and has dominated their past two opponents. We here at The Heckler care about Matthew Stafford's well-being, which is why we are presenting seven suggested ways he could avoid getting murdered by the Monsters of the Midway.

Lions players grateful to leave Green Bay without being attacked by Screech

“I’m just scared out of my mind," said Suh. "I mean this is the guy who stalked Lisa Turtle, helped Jesse Spano score caffeine pills so she could lose weight...or ace a test I think. He played bass in Zack Attack and he even got fake ID’s and a mustache so he could meet college girls. I mean this maniac could be anywhere right now.”