Bengals WR Jerome Simpson was emerging as a favorite target of rookie QB Andy Dalton, but now he’s in trouble for hauling in more than two pounds of pot at his suburban Cincinnati home earlier this week. Everyone is dying to know: How does this impact fantasy football?

“Simpson’s career might be up in smoke and I just wish he would have thought of all his fantasy owners before making such a stupid decision,” wrote Yahoo! Sports Fantasy Football Reporter Cody Findlay. “Anyone who read my 1,500-word piece earlier this week about wide receivers worth picking up off the waiver wire knows I upgraded Simpson from ‘Could Be Worth Picking Up’ to ‘Possibly Worth Picking Up’ but now that’s all out the window and I have to downgrade him to ‘Probably Not Worth Picking Up Just Yet.'”

Findlay added that Simpson might still be worth retaining for leagues that count crimes and other violations as stats.

“If you’re in a Crime Buster league, you should pick Simpson up right now” wrote Findlay, “Then again, he is on the Bengals, so he was probably a first-round pick in any Crime League, so good luck with that.”