While no one went on record before Thursday night’s Packers-Saints game that fantasy owners should have started Green Bay rookie Randall Cobb, they all agree today that anyone who sat him is a complete idiot after the second-round pick from Kentucky scored two TDs in his first NFL game ever.

“You could comb through my archives and see that I never mentioned Cobb in any of my 75 insightful preseason posts this summer,” wrote Yahoo! Sports Fantasy Football Reporter Cody Findlay, in his weekly 3,000-word “Friday Morning Fantasy Quarterback” column. “But this morning I’m going to go on the record and boldly state anyone who didn’t play Cobb last night is a true moron.”

Findlay added that Cobb was only drafted in 25 percent of all Yahoo! leagues, so anyone who hasn’t tried to pick him up where available since Thursday night’s breakout performance is “really stupid.”

Findlay closed out his column with a long piece suggesting ways fantasy owners should take advantage of the 10th anniversary of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.

“Play every Patriot you’ve got,” wrote Findlay. “You just know they’re going to be fired up.”