Islanders GM Garth Snow announced Friday at Nassau Coliseum the team would be holding youth fighting camps every weekend until the NHL season starts next month. The camp would be open admission for Long Island youth from ages 10 to 15.

The Islanders hope the camps will help them recruit young brawlers to what’s already one of the most fighting-oriented teams in the NHL right now evidenced by their 300-plus penalty minute match-up with the Penguins late last season. Many of the players on the Islander roster are seemingly there solely for the purpose of starting fights.

“The purpose of the youth fighting camp would be to recruit young, local talent that could be a part of our Islander roster as a designated fighter in the years to come,” said Snow in a statement. “It would also be to provide a fun experience for young fighters all across Long Island. The Islanders are known as one of the worst hockey teams in the NHL, but also as the team with the most designated fighters. This means that campers will get the best instruction and teaching from the best NHL fighters. If your kid doesn’t become the best hockey fighter on each hockey team after attending our camp, then you receive all of your money back. You have my word.”

NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman seemed to approve of the idea.

“This camp will provide a fun activity for the Islanders to participate in while simultaneously distracting them by the extremely low amount of talent on the roster,” said Bettman. “Of course, there’s nothing I can do about it because if I tried to stop it the band of angry Long Island pre-teens are sure to pummel me with their little fists of fury.”

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