Monday, June 24, 2024

Packers GM and coach encouraged by last weekend’s mock draft

With fans and analysts scratching their heads about the Packers draft strategy, the team’s GM and head coach say they are encouraged with how the mock draft went.

Packers ‘owner’ pissed he wasn’t consulted about first-round pick

“I feel very disappointed the Packers didn’t consult ownership like me before picking a QB in the first round,” said Miske, a Packers shareholder from Oconomowoc, Wisc. “Decisions like these need buy-in from the top.”

Packers say Rodgers ‘shouldn’t be offended’ at their plan to draft 7 QBs

Green Bay Packers GM Brian Gutekunst said star QB Aaron Rodgers shouldn't be offended by their plan to draft seven quarterbacks this year, which began Thursday night with their first-round pick of Utah State's Jordan Love.

Russell Wilson switches to Allstate after loss to Aaron Rodgers

After losing to State Farm spokesperson Aaron Rodgers, Russell Wilson couldn't stand to support the insurance company, and proceeded to switch over to Allstate.

Fired Mike McCarthy takes over for Jon Gruden as coach of Hooters waitresses

There’s a new sheriff in town ... and his name is Mike McCarthy.

Aaron Rodgers asks Olivia Munn to be blamed by fans for GB losses as...

Witnesses at the high-end restaurant where the engagement occurred told media outlets that it was "sweet" and that when she said yes, everyone in the establishment broke into spontaneous applause, with only a few instances of diners wearing large novelty foam cheeseheads shouting things like, "His head clearly isn't in the game anymore" and "He hasn't been the same Rodgers since he shacked up with that Newsroom chick."

Bears thankful nation will be asleep on couch during Thursday night’s game

"Hey, at least most of the country will be passed out by 6 or 7 in a turkey-induced food coma," said Bears quarterback Jay Cutler. "They might not even notice the game. Did we get beat by three touchdowns or was it a close ballgame? Most people probably won't even know until after the weekend."