Gary Miske is very upset.

“I feel very disappointed the Packers didn’t consult ownership like me before picking a QB in the first round,” said Miske, a Packers shareholder from Oconomowoc, Wisc. “Decisions like these need buy-in from the top.”

The Packers are famously run as a nonprofit, occasionally raising millions of dollars through the sale of worthless shares to their fans. Miske has purchased hundreds of those shares, which he feels entitles him to a say in what the front office does.

“I put my blood, sweat and tears into helping build this organization, so the least they can do is loop me in when they’re thinking of drafting a replacement to our future Hall of Fame QB,” said Miske. “If this sort of shenanigans keep up I might be forced to sell my worthless stake in the team.”

Added Miske: “I haven’t been this upset since I wasn’t allowed to personally fire Mike McCarthy. As an owner, I had a lot I wanted to say to that guy.”

Idea submitted by Nick H.