With fans and analysts scratching their heads about the Packers draft strategy, the team’s GM and head coach say they are encouraged with how the mock draft went.

“Our biggest concern was working through possible technical glitches of the virtual draft,” said GM Brian Gutekunst. “Since that all went well in the mock draft last weekend, we can focus on making decisions that aren’t totally insane in the real thing this weekend.”

Head coach Matt LaFleur concurred.

“Imagine how crazy we’d have been to not pick a wide receiver or defensive stud with our first pick,” said LaFleur. “I bet Aaron [Rodgers] would be pretty pissed at us if we did something that stupid.”

Added LaFleur: “The one thing I’m looking forward to in the actual draft is having the real-life Roger Goodell there instead of the emotionless animatronic drone they had at the mock draft.”