Monday, April 15, 2024

Reasons other Midwest NFL cities aren’t being considered for Monday night’s Bears-Vikes game

As the Vikings scramble to prepare the University of Minnesota's undersized stadium for Monday night's game against the Bears, many football observers are wondering why the contest won't be held at one of the several other Midwestern NFL stadiums. Turns out each has a reason it can't host the game.

Favre fined additional $50,000 for not being candid about upsetting state of genitals

As the NFL reviewed the case of Brett Favre and his "sexting" to C-level sports reporter Jenn Sterger, they were forced to look at several photos of Favre’s genitals that he was sending to the reporter’s cellphone. The result of reviewing the photos was catastrophic for all.

Cutler inspired by Grossman’s 2006 New Year’s Eve finale

To prepare for the Bears’ meaningless 10-3 loss against the Green Bay Packers, Jay Cutler looked at the tape of Rex Grossman’s 2006 meaningless season finale.

Bears-Packers: Which team has the edge?

With the big game just a few days away, the media is in a frenzy. Here's a look at which team has the inside edge in things you probably never thought about.

Bears-Packers: A guide to your inevitable drunken brawl

Watching the NFC Championship at your favorite bar means inebriated conflict with our neighbors to the north is inevitable. The following guide will help you come out on top even if the Bears lay an egg.

Facebook sees 3,000% spike in global trash talking since Bears-Packers game became a reality

The trash talking built during the waning moments of the Bears’ victory over the Seahawks, and has reached a worldwide crescendo in the hours since.

NFL will allow Packers to bring their own sod to Soldier Field

After intense pressure from Green Bay officials and a close inspection of the Soldier Field turf, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell will allow the Packers to bring their own playing surface with them for Sunday’s game.