After intense pressure from Green Bay officials and a close inspection of the Soldier Field turf, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell will allow the Packers to bring their own playing surface with them for Sunday’s game.

“The league cannot in good conscience force any more visiting teams to play on what amounts to a giant dirt mound,” said Goodell. “Especially in a game deciding a trip to the Super Bowl. So, we will let Green Bay fill half the field with whatever surface they see fit.”

The Packers have reportedly begun the arduous process of removing the state-of-the-art DD GrassMaster sod from Lambeau Field in large sections. The natural grass is reinforced with man-made fibers, and team officials hope it helps improve the overall surface at Soldier Field.

“Right now we’re just piling it on the team buses in preparation for the trip down,” said Packers president Mark Murphy. “Hopefully they won’t charge us some kind of ‘Chicago-style’ installation tax.”

Chicago Park district representatives balked at the plan.

“This is good stuff right here,” said Ralph, a 57-year-old former traffic cop and Mayor Daley’s third cousin now in charge of maintaining the Soldier Field turf, as he tried to find a blade of grass. “It’s just … wait a second … ah, there we go! This grass is NFL-quality or I don’t work for the greatest municipal system in the world.”

But not everyone in Chicago is against the idea.

“Hey, if it improves the playing surface, I’m all for it,” said Bears fan Bob Jensen. “Plus it’ll be the best thing to come out of Wisconsin since, uh … man, I guess it’ll be the only good thing ever. But it’s a start.”

Heckler George