With the big game just a few days away, the media is in a frenzy. Here’s a look at which team has the inside edge in things you probably never thought about.

Memorable Super Bowl moment
Bears – William “The Refrigerator” Perry scores rushing TD
Packers – Wide Receiver Max McGee scores first TD in Super Bowl history while hung over.
Edge: Packers. Perry scored and Walter Payton didn’t. Two days after Super Bowl I ended, McGee’s BAC was still 0.12 and that’s pretty awesome.

Team ownership
Bears – McCaskey Family
Packers – Community owned non-profit organization
Edge: Bears. People from Wisconsin generally have trouble balancing their checkbooks, think Vince Lombardi was the nation’s 35th President and wear hunting gear to weddings while Virginia McCaskey is the daughter of George Halas.

Franchise’s toughest player
Toughest Bear of all-time – Dick Butkus
Toughest Packer of all-time – Ray Nitschke
Edge: Bears. Nitschke wore glasses and asked opponents, during games, if they would dare hit a man with glasses.

Endearing fan tradition
Bears fan – quoting the Super Fans constantly, most notably “Da Bears”
Packers fan – wearing foam cheese head hat
Edge: Packers. The foam hat actually keeps them warm while Super Fan quotes are so 1985.

Body part exposed by team’s QB
Bears – Jim McMahon mooning a media helicopter during Super Bowl 1985 practice
Packers – Former Packer Brett Favre texted his junk to Jen Sterger
Edge: Bears. Favre’s junk looked like beat-up miniature fire hydrant.

Ultimate show of disrespect by opposing fans
Bears – Calvin peeing on a Packers logo
Packers – Calvin peeing on a Bears logo
Edge:  Very, very close but the Bears have the edge here as most Packers fans don’t have indoor plumbing so they already urinate on all sorts of stuff.

Patrick O. Elia