As the NFL reviewed the case of Brett Favre and his “sexting” to C-level sports reporter Jenn Sterger, they were forced to look at several photos of Favre’s genitals that he was sending to the reporter’s cellphone. The result of reviewing the photos was catastrophic for all. Several of those on the NFL disciplinary department board — including league commissioner Roger Goodell — vomited immediately after viewing Favre’s genitals and two others had to be rushed to the hospital for blindness and paralysis.

“We were prepared to see something pretty upsetting,” said Goodell. “But what we experienced was an indescribable anatomical horror from which we may never fully recover.”

Goodell also went on to explain the additional $50,000 fine Favre was cited.

“This money will be for the extensive therapy needed for those who viewed Favre’s genitals,” said Goodell. “You can’t expect to carry something like that around without consequences.”

The NFL is reportedly considering offering an award for bravery to both reporter Jenn Sterger, Favre’s wife and any number of groupies who might come forward for their enduring display of repeated heroics in the face of such disgusting adversity.

Andy Landgrebe