When San Diego’s Mike Tolbert scored a first-quarter TD Monday night against Jacksonville, it gave the Chargers a 7-0 lead but also dealt the country’s last undefeated fantasy football team its first loss of the season and provided the 1972 Dolphins with yet another reason to celebrate their claim to fame.

Every year since his team’s perfect 17-0 season, former Dolphins tailback Mercury Morris and his former mates have famously celebrated whenever the NFL’s last undefeated team of the season lost a game. Now fearing the Packers might run the table, the Fins are getting in on the action whenever they can.

“Now we do this every time the last undefeated team in pretty much everything loses its first game of the year,” said Morris while popping yet another bottle of champagne. “Fantasy leagues … bowling leagues. You name it and we’ve probably celebrated its imperfection.”