For most people associated with the Cubs, the first thing felt upon hearing Ron Santo would enter the Hall of Fame was joy. For Brant Brown, it was dread. Brown is extrinsically linked with Santo forever because of a September afternoon in Milwaukee. Brown’s ninth-inning error allowed three runs to score and the Cubs lost throwing doubts on a possible playoff appearance. Even worse for Brown was Santo’s reaction, screaming “OH NOOOOOOO!” as if Brown had stabbed him in the ocular cavity.

Brown has tried to separate himself from that link, quitting baseball, and eventually settling down with his wife Rosa on their small alpaca farm in Peru. But he couldn’t run away from the news delivered from Cooperstown on Monday morning.

“I thought, I was safe down here, people respected me and let me live in peace,” said Brown. “After the news broke about Ronnie, that damn clip followed and the whole village heard it. They all walk around now screaming ‘No Me Gusta!’ and dropping whatever they are holding. I’m thrilled for┬áSanto, but even the alpacas laugh at me now.”