Wednesday, July 17, 2024

Urban Meyer pledges to grind on women half his age in private only from...

Embattled Jaguars coach Urban Meyer issued an apology Tuesday morning, saying he will mend his ways after a scandalous video surfaced involving him dancing suggestively with a much younger woman who wasn't...

NBA asks players to scale back on groupie sex amid coronavirus fears

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver today released a statement pleading with players to “completely eliminate or at least scale back a tad” on sexual encounters with groupies to reduce their likelihood of contracting coronavirus.

World Cup teams unite, impose ‘No Canadian Celebrity Bandwagoners’ rule

“We have to be more careful about which celebrity so-called ‘fans’ we let into our cheering sections,” said U.S. goalie Tim Howard. “The bandwagon is only big enough to support serious fans who want to get into soccer, our teams, and our countries. However, we must draw the line at these celebrity frontrunners.”

Michael Sam expected to become first openly gay NFL player to cheat on his...

Sam, the first openly gay player ever drafted, is expected to find somebody else during the first month of the season between divisional road games against either Arizona and Seattle.

NBA fans shocked at total hotness of Donald Sterling’s girlfriend

"I know Donald Sterling is a racist and a horrible human being," said Musberger . "With that said, the awesomeness of his super-smokin’ hot girlfriend must not go ignored.

Kristin Cavallari awarded honorary doctorate by Barnum and Bailey Clown College

“We are awarding Kristin this degree for her ability to play the faux-brainiac,” said college director Bobo the Hobo. “The depth of her make-believe knowledge is unmatched. She has pretended to read many comically oversized books.”

Paul George plays entire game without impregnating stripper or taking pics of his junk

Pacers guard/forward Paul George managed to play a complete game Monday night against the Bulls without taking a single photo of his genitals or impregnating a stripper. Both exercises in self control represent a season-high for the young star.