Donald Sterling, the overtly racist and highly-bigoted Clippers owner is being cast in an unfavorable light again. This time it’s because of the fact that his alleged girlfriend V Stiviano is insanely good looking and way out of his league. Fans who were initially stunned by the intolerance of Sterling’s remarks concerning minorities were taken to a new level of shock and awe when they saw pictures of Sterling’s alleged girlfriend next to him at Clippers games.

Never one to shy away from a hot-chick controversy, ABC’s Brent Musberger addressed the situation: “Look ladies and gentlemen. I know Donald Sterling is a racist and a horrible human being. With that said, the awesomeness of his super-smokin’ hot girlfriend must not go ignored. I mean my God, it’s because of her that I’m now on Instagram. Should we really let Donald Sterling’s deplorable actions ruin it for the rest of us who want to follow half-naked chicks on the internet? I think not.”

Sterling’s significant other/mistress/booty-call has been praised around the country for exposing Sterling as nothing more than a scathingly biased dinosaur. Now, fans of Stiviano’s ask that she be allowed to continue to live her own life, and more importantly, go back to posting sexy Instagram photos with all of her hot girlfriends regardless of their race, creed or color.