At approximately 10:03 EST, Wednesday night, Yahoo! Sports reported that its fantasy football servers crashed for approximately 25 minutes after over 8 million searches occurred for one player: Cowboys WR Kevin Ogletree who had a monster game against the Giants, hauling in eight catches for 114 yards and two TDs.

Jim Swinson, Chief Information Officer at Yahoo!, reported that the overwhelming searches were likely issued by legions of fantasy football owners searching desprately for a means to supplement their horrid wide receiver corps.

“Heck, even I searched for him,” said Swinson. “I mean, for crying out loud, I have Randy Moss as my second best wide receiver. That would be great … if it were 2007.”

Further complicating the matter was the fact that the Yahoo! servers were also forced to search for phrases that may be phonetically linked to┬áthe Dallas wide receiver’s name. “Oglesbee,” “That kid from the Bad News Bears,” “Ovaltine” and “What Ralphie from the Christmas Story drinks” were also the next most commonly sought terms.

Ultimately, the servers rebooted, and millions of fantasy football owners found themselves with a certain satisfaction of knowing that they’ve gotten way to excited about a Dallas wide receiver who is likely one physical assault away from dashing their dreams.

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