The White Sox have tried almost everything this year to bring fans to U.S. Cellular Field including playing winning baseball and introducing several “fat friendly” food options. Their latest — broadcasting NFL games on the U.S. Cellular Field Jumbotron during games — might be the one idea that gains some traction.

This new push to increase interest in Major League Baseball is not new, many teams have taken to just plain showing NFL games in September. There seems to be a “If you can’t beat em, just Copyright infringe em” feeling among teams.

“Franchises like the Houston Astros and Kansas City Royals have spent the better part of this season replaying old Oilers and Chiefs games, even during April.” says baseball executive Farris O’Neil. “The fans have eaten it up, sold out every Warren Moon and Len Dawson night.”

The White Sox desire to broadcast these games has been looked at as a money ploy, especially during “Bears Sunday” where flex tickets are priced at $100-$150 a seat. However it works out, several diehard fans are excited to get to see something hit hard inside the Sox ballpark other than their pitching.

Brew Dreesus