With the threat of a major NHL lockout looming, Patrick Kane is beginning to prepare for the possibility of taking a severe financial hit by scaling back on his partying ways to going out only 10 times a week.

“Yeah, you know, it sucks to only be able to rage 10 times a week, but I’ve got my future to take into account,” said the hard-partying 23-year-old Kane, who is to be paid $6 million a season by the Blackhawks and will lose out on much more in endorsements. “But these are tough financial times and I’ve got to tighten my belt a bit.”

According to Kane, trimming his partying schedule back to 10 times a week will mean missing out on the new tradition mid-morning “rage fest” he and his friends started this summer.

“You’re hammered by 11 a.m. and hung-over by noon,” said Kane. “Usually we rebound in time for our liquid lunches a couple hours later, which leads really well into our hammered-drunk dinners and late-night . But now that might all be over, well at least about 20 percent of it anyway.”