An Inge family friend has disclosed that for the eighth consecutive year Brandon Inge was the highest-rated player and top pick in the Inge family fantasy baseball league for 2012.

“It’s crazy,” the friend said, on condition of anonymity because he had the first pick this year. “If Brandon is on your team, you’re in the money.”

The friend released some statistical categories for the league:
Late-inning defensive replacement: 50 points
Leaving a runner on third to end an inning: 25 points; second and third: 40 points
Strike out: 10 points
Spectaular defensive play followed by a wild throw to first: 10 points
Home run: -15 points
Game winning RBI: -20 points

“I’m loaded this year,” the friend continued. “I just love to seeĀ Brandon and Alfonso Soriano playing on the same day!”