This upcoming week, local Bears fan Brian Morgan, owner of team “Kissin Cousins Titties” isĀ attempting to start Eddie Jackson at the flex position on his fantasy team.

“It’s just not fair that I can’t start him there. Devin Funchess and Corey Davis have been so disappointing, and I never know if Allen Robinson will break out, or suffer from a lack of targets. I’d say on a week-to-week basis, Eddie Jackson is more likely to score than any of them.”

Brian’s sentiment comes just two days after Jackson recorded the fourth touchdown of his short career, despite playing from the safety position.

“Just because a guy plays on defense doesn’t mean he can’t rack up a lot of fantasy points. I ought to write to ESPN and complain.”

Up next, the 6-5 Kissin’ Cousins Titties will be trying to keep their playoff hopes alive against the 7-4 Dak Booty Doe.

By Mitchell Trachtenberg