Following the Bears’ heartbreaking loss to the Giants on Sunday, local fan Peter Wentridge of Oak Park was taken into concussion protocol. Sources indicate throughout the game, Wentridge smashed his face against the wall every time a Bears player made a mistake.

“It started after Daniel’s second interception. Peter nearly slammed his head straight through the living room wall. It was a hard hit, but he seemed to be okay. He’s a tough guy, it’s too bad he continued to do it,” said a longtime friend, Nick Brewer.

His other friend Jason Marks continued, “By the time Gabriel fumbled away a potential 99 yard drive late in the game, he had slammed his head so many times he could barely stand up straight. It was at that point we took him out of the living room, and into the bathroom for evaluation. We’re honestly glad we took him out before the Giants marched down the field in overtime, the guy could’ve died out there.”

It remains to be seen whether Wentridge will be healthy enough to watch next week’s game against the Rams, but remembering to set his fantasy football lineup on Wednesday should be a good indication of his availability.

By Mitchell Trachtenberg