With their favorite team playing its first Spring Training game in Mesa, Cubs fans blacked-out from watching the game on TV were forced to gather around their antique Zenith radios to listen to the AM broadcast.

“Good thing we hung on to this 95-pound beauty,” said Robbie Tellanger of Lakeview. “Without it we’d be forced to follow Gamecast on the ESPN app like a bunch of losers.”

Tellanger said he was hoping he’d be able to watch the Marquee Sports Network feed of the game on his 75-inch flat screen TV but since the Cubs don’t yet have a broadcast deal with Comcast — the city’s largest cable provider — he was forced to go old-school.

“It’s a shame short-sighted corporate greed is getting between my family and the team we love,” said Tellanger, pausing to listen to radio ads for Lucky Strike cigarettes and Schlitz. “I guess worst case I can just find an illegitimate website where I can stream games for free.”