Friday, September 18, 2020

1998 Bulls win 2020 NBA Championship

Making his long-awaited return to the world of sports, an emotional Michael Jordan led the 1998 Chicago Bulls to the 2020 NBA Championship on Sunday.

Wellness Check Podcast: Chicago’s 53rd Ward Alderman Ed Bus

Brad checks in with esteemed Ald. Ed Bus of Chicago's 53rd Ward. Among the topics discussed: How Ed and his family are sheltering in place, how Ed's various essential business ventures (Ed Bus Sausages, Ed Bus Truck & Tow, Ed Bus Tuckpointing, and the Ed Bus Chop House) are holding up, what his wife Dorse Carson Pirie Scott Bus is doing during the quarantine, some of Ed's favorite Steven Seagal movies, how protesters would be handled if they showed up at City Hall, why Ed thinks basketball isn't a sport, what the Ed Bus Tumblers are up to these days), and much more.

LeBron only watched 1 of 2 Jordan doc episodes citing load management

Episodes 1 and 2 of “The Last Dance” premiered Sunday night, and while most watched both episodes and wanted more, some people couldn’t handle all the television.

Dennis Rodman hopes his mom doesn’t find out he has tattoos when watching ‘The...

While he's mostly an open book, Dennis Rodman has kept some secrets from his mom--namely that he has tattoos all over his body--after watching the 10-part documentary series "The Last Dance."

Guy who used to punch teammates in the face concerned new documentary will make...

With "The Last Dance" set to debut this weekend, horrible person Michael Jordan is reportedly concerned the documentary will make him look like a horrible person.

Wellness Check Podcast: Will Perdue

Today's Wellness Check guest is Will Perdue. Will and Brad talk about a ton of interesting stuff. Listen here!

MJ already talking mad shit to Joe Exotic about how his docuseries will get...

“Yeah I watched ‘Tiger King’,” said the six-time NBA champion. “It was wild, it was interesting. I enjoyed it, I really did. But Joe Exotic and all of those tigers don’t have shit on me. The ‘Last Dance’ will have the last laugh that’s for sure."