While he’s mostly an open book, Dennis Rodman has kept some secrets from his mom–namely that he has tattoos all over his body–after watching the 10-part documentary series “The Last Dance.”

“She knows a lot,” said Rodman. “But still, she’s my mom, there are some things I just want to keep hidden. She knows about some of the piercings, she knows about the wedding dress, she knows my best friend is a third-world dictator, but the one request she’s had my whole life is that I not get any tattoos.”

The five-time NBA champion plans to watch “The Last Dance” with his mom and his best friend–North Korean Kim Jong-un–who has agreed to help distract Rodman’s mom whenever Rodman is on screen to hopefully prevent her from seeing his extensive body art.

“I have never met Dennis’ mother,” said Kim. “But I understand she has quite a temper so I’m going to do what I can to help him keep his tattoos a secret from her.”

Added Kim: “If there’s one thing that scares the shit out of even me, a guy who has members of his cabinet executed with anti-aircraft weaponry for falling asleep in meetings, it’s the fury of a mother who’s been lied to.”