Wednesday, July 17, 2024

Bulls replace GarPax just in time for the apocalypse

“We appreciate what Gar and John have given our organization,” said team President Michael Reinsdorf, “but now that the end of times is upon us, we owe it to our fans to bring in fresh leadership.”

LeBron only watched 1 of 2 Jordan doc episodes citing load management

Episodes 1 and 2 of “The Last Dance” premiered Sunday night, and while most watched both episodes and wanted more, some people couldn’t handle all the television.

CDC changes name of virus to COVID-23 in honor of Michael Jordan

The CDC is getting in on the Michael Jordan hysteria prompted by "The Last Dance," changing the name of the virus currently gripping the country to COVID-23.

Dennis Rodman hopes his mom doesn’t find out he has tattoos when watching ‘The...

While he's mostly an open book, Dennis Rodman has kept some secrets from his mom--namely that he has tattoos all over his body--after watching the 10-part documentary series "The Last Dance."

Inspired by ‘The Last Dance,’ Jordan wants to buy an NBA franchise

“Man, I’m ecstatic,” Michael Jordan told ESPN’s Scott Van Pelt after viewing the first two episodes of “The Last Dance,” destined to become a sports documentary classic.

Wellness Check Podcast: Will Perdue

Today's Wellness Check guest is Will Perdue. Will and Brad talk about a ton of interesting stuff. Listen here!

Guy who used to punch teammates in the face concerned new documentary will make...

With "The Last Dance" set to debut this weekend, horrible person Michael Jordan is reportedly concerned the documentary will make him look like a horrible person.