Today’s Wellness Check guest is Will Perdue. Will and Brad talk about a ton of interesting stuff. Listen here!

Will was very forthright about his current financial situation, among many other things. We of course talk a bunch about his time with the first three-peat Bulls.

Among the many other things we discussed are whether he ever gets tired of talking about the glory days, the time Michael Jordan punched him in the face in practice, his thoughts on the league now vs. back in his day, the time an injured Scottie Pippen got dragged off the floor by a ref so play could continue, how the 2020 Bulls left him feeling (spoiler alert: not good), if he was surprised it took a global catastrophe for GarPax to get canned, his long history with John Paxson, how he handles pushback from players and coaches on his analysis, his second stint with the Bulls in 1999-2000 that sounds pretty dysfunctional and not just because Ron Artest was on that team (though we got a few good Ron Artest stories), what he’d sacrifice for the quarantine to come to a responsible end, and much more.

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