Saturday, April 20, 2024

Wellness Check Podcast: Will Perdue

Today's Wellness Check guest is Will Perdue. Will and Brad talk about a ton of interesting stuff. Listen here!

Spurs part ways with Matt Bonner over alleged gang ties

“All y’all playah-haters be forgettin that I run this piece," said Bonner. "The B-Red is a fully legit operation’ and there ain’t no time for haterz and busters. Respect tha’ Freckles or die. I ain’t got no love, unless you one of my thug homies who been there for me every step of the way."

Refs accept blame for Spurs missing key free throws

In a historic first, the NBA accepted full responsibility for blowing Tuesday night's Game 6 Final between the Spurs and Heat when officials caused San Antonio to miss several key free throws down the stretch.

SportsCenter anchors use voodoo to help Heat win last two games

With the Heat one loss away from losing the NBA Finals to the Spurs, the anchors on SportsCenter won't have any of that. They are going to extreme lengths to help the Heat repeat as champions, including voodoo.