In a move that has sent shock waves through the pro basketball community, the San Antonio Spurs this cut ties with long-time reserve Matt Bonner over alleged gang ties.

Although there were no initial warning signs surrounding Bonner, Spurs management was tipped off to his private life when an audio-tape surfaced, of him chastising members of his posse. In an unflinching verbal beatdown, the man known to law enforcement as the B-Train let his thoughts be known.

“All y’all playah-haters be forgettin that I run this piece,” said Bonner. “The B-Red is a fully legit operation’ and there ain’t no time for haterz and busters. Respect tha’ Freckles or die. I ain’t got no love, unless you one of my thug homies who been there for me every step of the way.”

Bonner, who attended a prep school in Concord New Hampshire before becoming a two-time academic All-American at the University of Florida displayed other warning signs which concerned Spurs management as well. At the championship celebration after the Spurs won their fifth NBA title, as the microphone was handed to Hall-of Famer Tim Duncan, an angry Bonner reached out and grabbed the microphone back so he could address the crowd again.

“Oh no. We ain’t done here. Y’all know how the B-Ginger rolls. Ain’t no punk police gonna’ stop the B-Train from frontin’ tonight. Also, all you flossin’ hunnies in the front better beware. When the B-Dog see a baby momma’ he likes, you know he gonna’ squirt another baby up in there for realz.”

Although the unexplained dark side of Matt Bonner, a player who averaged 3.2 points per game along with 2.0 rebounds and 0.5 assists, has caught everyone by surprise, the media was generally supportive as this marked the first time that any Spurs player had ever done anything interesting.

As media members swarmed to Matt Bonner’s urban co-op in the green zone to try to get an interview before he left in his SmartCar, Bonner jumped into one of his homies tricked-out Denali’s with the rest of his crew telling everybody
“Damn it’s been real. Now I gots to bounce cuz some shorties over there seen me flexin’ and y’all know the B-Red gets his freak-on once he get his drink-on.