Rolling with the momentum of his popularizing “The Last Dance” documentary about the 1998 Bulls, Jason Hehir is creating another behind the scenes look at an integral Chicago sports cultural moment.

While “The Last Dance” gives a behind the scenes look at the final year of the Chicago Bulls dynasty under the reins of Phil Jackson and Michael Jordan, “The Last Days” looks behind the curtain of the grand finale of history’s greatest dynasty, humanity itself, as Ian Happ’s virtual Cubs are currently battling it out for a playoff spot in MLB The Show Players League.

“We wanted to capture the last semblance of professional baseball as the world crumbles around us,” said Hehir. “We’ve been chronicling all of Happ’s behind-the-scenes preparation as he takes on other players in video games because that’s all we’re left with right now, possibly until the end of time.”

Normally extremely talkative, Happ was locked in and focused on the task at hand.

“Must win fake baseball games,” said Happ. “It’s all I have going for me right now.”

heckler editorial staff