Sunday, May 22, 2022

Wellness Check Podcast: Joe Johnson from Obvious Shirts

The quarantine continues! Brad caught up with Joe Johnson at Obvious Shirt’s palatial global headquarters. Listen here!

Play The Heckler’s ‘Support Our Friends’ Bingo

Post a winning Bingo board to social media and tag us to win. We'll find something fun to send you, like a Heckler H, T-shirt or a page from Ethan's junior high diary.

NFL approves 51-week season

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has put his stamp of approval on a new 51-week season, consisting of a 40-week regular season and 11 weeks of playoffs.

After years of hair restoration, Brian Urlacher now just a big Wookiee

For years, commuting Chicagoans have been greeted by the unwelcoming smile of former Bears linebacker, Brian Urlacher in a series of billboards along the Dan Ryan.

Cubs surprise everyone by moving to Schaumburg in middle of night

Stealing a page from the old Baltimore Colts, who quickly packed their bags and took off in U-Hauls for Indianapolis in the middle of the night, the Cubs stole away to Schaumburg during the wee hours of the morning Friday. They left a note signed by Tom Ricketts in their "Little League" locker room in Wrigley Field that only said, "We'll call you."

Cubs hit with $500,000 ‘value-added’ tax bill on giant birthday cake

One major highlight of Wednesday's 100th anniversary celebration of the opening of Wrigley Field was dampened after a massive tax bill was issued on the 400-pound birthday cake replicating the historic ballpark.

Tool belt-wearing Ricketts to start the god-damn Wrigley renovations himself

"That's it," said a visibly frustrated Ricketts. "I'm starting these god-damn renovations myself."