Sunday, May 22, 2022

ESPN broadcasts of Yankees-Red Sox games cancelled due to national indifference

“It’s about time. The games have gotten so stale that it feels like nothing ever happens,” said a high ranking employee at ESPN. “It’s like watching four and a half hours of 'Entourage' reruns every time they play.”

Obama caught reading The Heckler at daughter’s recital

“It is hilarious,” said the Commander In-Chief as his wife shredded his copy. “I mean, look at this article: 'Alfonso Soriano fitted with scissor hands to trim ivy at Wrigley Field between innings.' That’s a lot more entertaining to me than watching my lovely daughter Sasha play some silly instrument.”

Cubs sheepishly reveal discounted bleacher beers will be tiny

Last month the notoriously stingy Cubs unveiled a $3 beer promotion hoped to draw more fans to Wrigley's bleachers for Tuesday night games. The 60 percent discount struck some as generous until it was revealed that the discounted beers will be only four ounces, just one-third the regular size.

Sports leagues band together to sew athletes’ mouths shut

In a rare move of solidarity, the four major sports leagues have banded together to pass a national mandate requiring all professional athletes to have their mouths sewn shut at the signing of their first contract.

MLB owners vote Selig out of office, replace him with Vince McMahon

Citing his unwillingness to adapt the league to keep up with professional football and basketball — as well as an unbearable “old man smell” — baseball owners voted Bud Selig out as MLB Commissioner. The lone dissenting vote came from Sox owner Jerry Reinsdorf, also a crotchety old man.

Cubs marketing man: Fans so excited for season they forgot to buy tickets

Cubs marketing wizard Wally Hayward anticipated a herd of eager fans practically throwing their hard-earned cash at his ticket sales force when single game seats went on sale this morning, but instead all he got was the sound of crickets. A few fans lined up early but by the middle of the afternoon crowd control staffers outnumbered fans buying tickets at the Wrigley box office. Those trying to buy tickets online or over the phone reported far shorter wait times than previous years.