NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has put his stamp of approval on a new 51-week season, consisting of a 40-week regular season and 11 weeks of playoffs.

“We have the demand for a year-round product but we’re not going to go that far,” said Goodell. “We’re going to give all our guys a well-earned week off, unless of course they make it to the Pro Bowl in which case they’ll have a game during that 52nd week.”

Goodell said that the injuries bound to happen during a nearly full year of the brutal sport will require some roster additions.

“We’re going from the 53-man roster to a 450-man roster,” said Goodell. “We know there are only so many talented football players out there but we plan to poach the XFL, CFL, Lingerie Football League, semi-pro teams and California Penal League for players who can play at a level we need.”