A day after Kris Bryant told reporters “I can’t picture myself wearing anything but the pinstripes,” his agent Scott Boras made a phone call.

“Kris has got to shut up about this loyalty-to-his-team crap,” said the super-agent. “Loyalty might be great in a marriage but baseball is a business and loyalty doesn’t get him — or me — as rich as possible.”

Boras said he “kindly asked Bryant to shut the hell up” next time he’s asked about his devotion to the Cubs.

“Bryce Harper is a client of mine who ‘gets it,'” said Boras. “He could have accepted a 10-deal, $300 million deal to stay with the Nationals but instead took a 13-year, $330 million deal to jump to the Phillies.”

Added Boras: “Look how that lack of loyalty turned out for everyone. Bryce made him — and me — that much more money, the Phillies are perpetual title contenders, and the Nationals are totally wishing they still had Bryce on their roster.”