Things suck right now for everyone. We want to encourage our audience to support some of the businesses and organizations that mean a lot to us so please play our “Support Our Friends” Bingo challenge.

Post a winning Bingo board to social media and tag us to win. We’ll find something fun to send you, like a Heckler H, T-shirt or a page from Ethan’s junior high diary.

Here’s how to support the businesses and organizations listed:

JP Graziano
An amazing Italian-grocery-turned-sandwich-shop, they are currently closed during the quarantine. However, you can follow them on Instagram or Facebook and buy some of their awesome products online.

Gold Coast Tickets
As you can imagine, the live event industry is hurting right now. The folks at Gold Coast Tickets have always been great to us. Support them by buying a gift card for you or a loved one once live events start happening again.

Cheesie’s Pub & Grub
Really great restaurant with two locations. They’re currently open for delivery and takeout so order your next meal from them.

Obvious Shirts
They are supporting out-of-work Cubs staffers with their “Wash Your Hands” shirts. They have lots of other great stuff. Pick something up today!

Roots Pizza
Delicious food found at several Chicago locations. Order from one of them today.

Miller Lite
The folks at MolsonCoors have always been good to us and we’d like to do what we can to return the favor. Wash down some of this local food with a Miller Lite or a High Life.

Harry Caray’s
Have you wondered how Harry would be handling a quarantine? He probably would have ordered food from his restaurant. Only the Rosemont location is currently open for pickup but you can order a gift card or sweet T-shirt now to support the cause.

360 Active Recovery
A great gym and PT spot with awesome staff. Book a bootcamp session for once the quarantine is over to get your butt in shape.

V’s Barbershop Chicago
We love this place! They are closed during the quarantine, but you can follow them on Facebook, Instagram, and/or buy a gift card for you or a loved one to get that mop cleaned up when the real world is ready to start again.

Plan A Studios
Jon–the guy who shoots a lot of our videos–is awesome at his job. He also shoots a ton of weddings and those are all on hiatus at the moment. Follow them on Facebook and Instagram so once weddings start happening again you can use them for yours or refer them those pre-marital lovebirds in your life.

Rumi Middle Eastern Grill
This Wicker Park spot serves great food is only doing delivery orders for the time being. Make them your next lunch or dinner order.

Sloan Valve Company
Not sure many people in our audience are looking to place a bulk order for commercial plumbing fixtures anytime soon, but at the very least please follow this wonderful company on Facebook and Instagram. Their factory employs a ton of people in the Chicago area when many of their competitors have outsourced their labor to much less expensive countries. Also, their innovative products are on the front lines at improving hygiene practices around the world.

The Heckler’s Podcast
We started “Fans in Cool Places Drinking Beer” as a video series. We haven’t shot a video in a bit and probably won’t again for a while. However, we do plan on releasing some quick-hit podcasts soon, like the one we did with an epidemiologist earlier this week. Please subscribe to our podcast!

Artist John Hanley
A talented artist with a bunch of great sports-related work. Pick up a print or two today.

Bardstown Bourbon
This stuff is good! Perfect for sipping (or chugging) during a quarantine. Follow them on Instagram in Chicago or nationally to see where you can pick some up now.

Peace for Pits Dog Rescue
Two of the three dogs currently sleeping at our feet at Heckler Global HQ were adopted through this fabulous organization. It’s all volunteers and they help pull a tremendous number of dogs out of Chicago Care and Animal Control, which is currently over capacity, taking more dogs in every day, and shut down to volunteers who do 95 percent of the dog walks. Sign up to foster/adopt a quarantine buddy today!

Clark Street Sports
Jason and his cohorts at CSS are some of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet. They work super-hard and have the best selection of Chicago sports merch around. Their retail locations are not currently open but you can still order something online.

That’s What She Said With Sarah Spain Podcast
Yes, we are extremely biased, but Sarah has a well-earned reputation of being an awesome interviewer who gets fun and interesting guests. Subscribe to her podcast and binge on everything in her library.

Scoop Jackson’s New Book “The Game is Not a Game”
Scoop has been a friend of ours for a long time. He’s an interesting guy with strong opinions that often leave you rethinking your stance on things. He’s got a new book out from Haymarket Books. Pick up a hard copy or ebook today!

Syrian Community Network
SCN is a small group of fabulous people selflessly helping fellow humans in great need. Like most charitable organizations, SCN is in need of support now more than ever. Consider a donation and at the very least please follow them on Facebook.

A super-fun sports bar and lounge in River North that’s been around for a dozen years, Theory has a number of ways to support it and its staff right now. Visit their website, where you can order food for pickup/delivery, buy discounted gift cards, and support their staff through a GoFundMe.

Hear the Cheers
This organization supports the Chicago Hearing Society by helping purchase hearing aids for kids. You can make a donation here and follow them on Facebook.

Club Lago
An AWESOME old-school Italian restaurant in River North, they’ve been doing deliveries to various Chicago neighborhoods and suburbs since the quarantine began. Follow them on Facebook for more info.

A Megaformer studio with two locations in Chicago, they are currently shut down but you can still buy classes or gift cards and follow them on Facebook.

Knuckleball Comedy
Started by Ethan from The Heckler, Knuckleball Comedy teaches improv to kids, which is awesome. Follow them on Facebook.

Please note: This is by no means an exhaustive list and there is no shortage of wonderful organizations to support during this troubling time. If this gets enough traction and support, we’ll publish more Bingo boards like it. Please feel free to email us with your thoughts and suggestions.