Sunday, June 26, 2022

Griese, Brees ask Purdue to reclaim diplomas of Painter and Orton

Purdue University has long been known for its rich tradition of producing high quality quarterbacks. In fact, the West Lafayette, Indiana school proudly fashions itself the “Cradle of Quarterbacks.” Rightfully so, as the school boasts alumni including Bob Griese, Jim Everett, Len Dawson and Drew Brees.

Rex Ryan orders Jets to attend church after loss to Tebow’s Broncos

The Jets fell to 5-5 on the season after a last-minute loss to Tim Tebow’s Broncos Thursday night, and Rex Ryan believes a higher power may have had something to do with it. As a result, the outspoken head coach held a closed-door team meeting after the game where he ordered his entire team to attend mass on Sunday.

Earl Bennett refuses to remove orange cleats at O’Hare International Airport

While being sequestered for questioning, Bennett called coach Lovie Smith to inform him that he would not be making the trip to San Diego. A very groggy Smith calmly reminded his valued receiver that the game this Sunday was at home. A humbled Bennett apologized to the TSA and offered to buy everyone some TCBY.

Suge Knight hires Xavier hoops team as bodyguards

“When I heard Tu Holloway talk after that game, I knew these were my guys,” said Knight when interviewed by reporters. “When I heard him talk about how they’re a bunch of ‘gangstas’ and how they liked to zip people up, I knew they were going to become my next Ice Unit.”

Bears replace Angelo with 13-year-old Jimmy McCaskey

The Bears moved quickly to replace GM Jerry Angelo today, hiring Jimmy McCaskey, the 13-year-old great-grandson of team owner Virginia McCaskey.

High school football recruit chooses war in Afghanistan over scholarship to Indiana

A Midwestern high school senior quarterback whose only Big Ten scholarship offer came from Indiana recently chose enlisting in the Army and fighting in Afghanistan over joining the Hoosiers.

Stern rips Will Ferrell’s intro for failing to include pyrotechnics and booming hip-hop

While many fans in attendance at Wednesday night's Hornets-Bulls game enjoyed Will Ferrell's offbeat player introductions, some of basketball's elite minds weren't the least bit amused.