Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Wellness Check Podcast: Chicago’s 53rd Ward Alderman Ed Bus

Brad checks in with esteemed Ald. Ed Bus of Chicago's 53rd Ward. Among the topics discussed: How Ed and his family are sheltering in place, how Ed's various essential business ventures (Ed Bus Sausages, Ed Bus Truck & Tow, Ed Bus Tuckpointing, and the Ed Bus Chop House) are holding up, what his wife Dorse Carson Pirie Scott Bus is doing during the quarantine, some of Ed's favorite Steven Seagal movies, how protesters would be handled if they showed up at City Hall, why Ed thinks basketball isn't a sport, what the Ed Bus Tumblers are up to these days), and much more.

Chicago Police bracing for riots after final episode of ‘The Last Dance’

With only two episodes of “The Last Dance” documentary remaining, newly appointed Chicago Superintendent of Police David Brown is preparing for fans taking to the streets after next Sunday's tenth and final episode, which features the Bulls winning the 1997-98 NBA championship, the team’s sixth.

Kevin Durant demands trade to 1997-’98 Bulls

Kevin Durant hasn’t played a single minute for the Brooklyn Nets, but he already has his sights set on bigger and better things.

7-year-old Scottie Pippen fan tells parents that COVID-19 is not gonna fuck his summer...

After Scottie Pippen’s now famous “I’m not gonna fuck my summer up”-quote, the world is realizing that while everyone wants to be like Mike, some people want to be like Scottie too.

Dennis Rodman ‘furious’ that he can’t figure out how to put a saddle on...

“I’ve been at this for months,” Dennis Rodman said. “I’ve asked smart people, I’ve googled it, I’ve tried a bunch of different ways. It just can’t be done."

Sight of Carmen Electra has ’90s kid Googling Jenny McCarthy, Pamela Anderson, Donna D’Errico...

"Holy shit ... it's Carmen Electra," said 44-year-old Shelton of Lincoln, Neb. "I definitely had a poster of her up in my dorm room."