Kevin Durant hasn’t played a single minute for the Brooklyn Nets, but he already has his sights set on bigger and better things.

“Yeah I watched the Jordan doc,” Durant said. “They’re a damn good team. If they could win a championship without me, just imagine what they could do with me.”

Immediately after watching episode 1, Durant called his agent, Rich Kleiman, and told him of his trade demands.

“I’ve always liked Kevin because he wants to win at all costs no matter the damage it does to his reputation,” said Kleiman. “I told him I would try to make the trade happen. But I did try to temper his expectations. I always tell my clients that I will fight for them however I can, but there are two trade demands even I have trouble dealing with. The first is if the other team just doesn’t want you, and the second is if time travel is involved. Those are my bugaboos.” 

Kleiman has since reached out to Brooklyn Nets GM Sean Marks to begin the trade talks. We will all wait to see what transpires.