With only two episodes of “The Last Dance” documentary remaining, newly appointed Chicago Superintendent of Police David Brown is preparing for fans taking to the streets after next Sunday’s tenth and final episode, which features the Bulls winning the 1997-98 NBA championship, the team’s sixth.

“We will not tolerate anarchy of any kind, even if people are celebrating a beloved team’s victory,” Brown said in an interview on WBEZ radio.

In preparation, the former chief of the Dallas police reviewed video of street scenes from the previous five Bulls championship celebrations. “Take away guys puking on the sidewalk, occasional mooning the camera and a few ta-ta flashes, and we learned a lot about crowd control,” Brown said.

Admittedly, Brown has little experience in handling the throng of people expected to hit the streets after the ESPN series concludes.

“When the Mavericks won the NBA title in 2011, there was, maybe, 20 to 25 people gathered in the downtown area,” Brown said.

“Most of them were kids about eight years old, who were leaving a birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese.”