Sentimental Wrigleyville residents were saddened to hear that Yesterday–a memorabilia store housed in a building that appeared ready to fall over at any time–will be knocked down this year by a real estate developer.

“That place had the coolest stuff,” said 42-year-old John Hicks. “I remember my grandma used to take me there after Cubs games and let me pick out one pack baseball cards for $1 each.”

Hicks said he couldn’t remember the last time he had set foot in the store.

“I remember walking by all the time wondering who in their right might would set foot in a place that was ready to collapse just to buy a random 50-year-old Tribune clipping,” said Hicks. “Can’t imagine why they’re finally selling out.”

Hicks said he laments the ever-changing face of the neighborhood.

“It reminds me of when they knocked down that one diner that I heard had great omelettes,” said Hicks. “Or were they known for their Bloody Marys? Hell if I remember.”

Added Hicks: “Either way, it’s a damn shame that these stores no one visits can’t stay afloat.”