Panicked executives from ESPN are reportedly rushing to follow up the massively successful “The Last Dance” with a new 10-part documentary about Michael Jordan. Called “The First Dance,” it chronicles the future NBA superstar’s experience at his high school prom.

“God, seriously?” asked director Jason Hehir. “First they make me rush the release of ‘The Last Dance’ and now they’re going to force me to make 10 hours of Michael’s high school prom? What the hell?”

While much of “The Last Dance” is pieced together with hundreds of hours of historical footage of Jordan’s time with the Bulls, Hehir said there isn’t nearly as much footage to choose from off the basketball court in high school.

“Apparently someone had a 50-pound camcorder at his prom so I’m really trying hard to track that down,” said Hehir. “A few of the chaperones from the dance are around and willing to talk so I’m planning to interview each of them for about 20 hours. Hopefully we get something good.”