Today’s Wellness Re-Check is with Ethan Blumenthal, The Heckler’s resident millennial jackass. Listen here!

Ethan and Brad discuss a number of topics, including the amount of time Ethan claims he’s “too young” to understand a pop culture reference Brad makes, Ethan’s thoughts on “The Last Dance,” who is his fourth favorite Chicago Bull from that era, the news The Heckler broke that Len Kasper is joining GWAR (a band Ethan had not heard of), The Heckler getting a tweet liked by Gheorghe Mureșan (whom Ethan had not heard of), the time Ethan got half of his pinky finger severed off because his older brothers wanted to show off their karate moves, and the exciting “Together We Camp” venture Ethan’s company Knuckleball Comedy kicked off this week in partnership with other cool kids’ focused entertainment providers. 

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