Cubs TV broadcaster Len Kasper revealed via Instagram Wednesday that he has reached an agreement to tour and record with thrash comedy rock band GWAR. Kasper, who plays bass, made a pitch to the band via social media and instantly hit it off.

“Well, during this quarantine I’ve basically been in my basement playing music the entire time,” Kasper said. “It got a little repetitive so I came up with an idea for this character and started dressing up a bit. Eventually it just kind of became a thing to start riffing not as Len Kasper, but as the Foul Brawler, an intergalactic time-traveling mercenary who grows stronger feasting on the organs of Earth creatures. I even penned my own theme song called ‘Take Me Out to Kill All Humans.’”

An update to the GWAR website reads: “You human filth: We are pleased to join forces with the Foul Brawler. We will gorge upon your city soon. Gather and give us your organs!”

Kasper got in touch with GWAR because he admired their elaborate attire and gruesome stage show. He built his own costume using items found around the house.

“Well I’m no stranger to a needle and thread,” said Kasper. “After that all it took was a little foam rubber and latex, some PVC, a VCR, a few old metal signs, a garden hose, some marbles, soda cans, old taxidermy we weren’t using, a few cans of paint, several boxes of uncooked noodles, crayons, markers, paper clips, hair clips, chip clips, clothespins, safety pins, Elmer’s glue, crazy glue, hot glue and a little ingenuity.”

Added Kasper: “I think it turned out pretty nice.”

With the MLB season in jeopardy, it is unclear at this point when or if Kasper will return to the booth.

“Before the quarantine I listened mostly to classic rock,” Kasper said. “But something about being alone in my studio all the time makes me want to scream and throw blood at people. I can’t wait to get out on the road.”

Bandwagon Dan